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Graduated in Industrial Maintenance, he begins his carrier as a Technical Worker Leader for Maintenance at AERO IAAG.He is in EAS since more than 30 years now.


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In 1989, he integrates the Engineering and Design Department and starts his carrier at EAS. In 1994, he becomes Team Leader ARCA, then Team Leader MECA in 1995.In 2001 Bruno becomes Project Manager.


Firstly at the French Air Force Academy of non-commissioned officers as Technician in Avionics. He joins EAS Avionics team in 1998,


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Lionel quickly moves on the Air Force base 113 of Saint-Dizier (on Jaguar). After joining EAS Avionics team he evolves to level 1 / 2 / 3 and Mechanical Fitter. Lionel achieves the position of Team leader in 2004 and Project manager in 2006.

Cédric Gonzalez Conde

Cedric begins as an Aircraft Mechanic at EAS from 1998 to 2006. He moves then to AIRBUS Group in Hambourg and Toulouse and develops managment skills.


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He takes then the opportunity to work on A380 production in AIRBUS Hamburg, Germany, as Aircraft Mechanics , Operation Leader in Flight Time and then Production/Quality Manager until 2013. Promoted as MSN Manager on A350 Production Line in AIRBUS Toulouse for 1 year, he finally comes back to EAS Services as Project manager since 2014.